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Adobe Analytics is considered the Rolls Royce of the digital analytics tools. It is super fast, it allows you to build very powerful reports, conduct deep dives, and avoid data sampling. Adobe Analytics is a leading digital analytics tool for measuring the performance of your digital assets (websites, mobile apps, and marketing campaigns).
If you already know Google Analytics or digital analytics as such, it’s actually quite easy to get going in Adobe Analytics. There are some critical differences, and you will learn what they are.
This course will help you gather actionable insights with Adobe Analytics to make informed decisions.

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5h 22min


Fiona De Brabanter

Cohort-Based Course?



1 Starting out with Adobe Analytics 2 Navigating Analysis Workspace 3 Building Workspace projects 4 Visualising data in Workspace projects 5 Expand your skills in Analysis Workspace 6 An introduction to Report Builder

Course Features

Access our library of thousands of marketing playbooks, each showing you how to do a specific marketing task in 10 steps or less, with real-time peer support. Join our community of marketing experts, ready to support you in getting that promotion or master new strategies, skills, and channels. Network with some of the world’s best marketers and companies and get noticed, hired, or endorsed.

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Are a marketer or an analyst looking to leverage the benefits of Adobe Analytics Already know Google Analytics, and are looking to add on Adobe Analytics skills. Are looking to optimize your website, mobile app, and marketing Want to learn how to use Adobe Analytics successfully after implementation Know there’s more to Adobe Analytics than the reports you occasionally look at, but you don’t quite know where to start. This course is designed for marketers, product managers, IT, and communications professionals who need to understand their customers’ online behavior, web content performance, and campaign ROI using Adobe Analytics.


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