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You’re overwhelmed with course options. How can you separate the courses that are really worth our time (not to mention tuition)?

We’re here to help. We have 15+ years of experience in the online education space, and combine expert reviews with reviews from real alumni. 

Our History

The day I Got Fired, I Decided It Was Time to Learn to Code

I got fired from my job as Director of Marketing at SoFi (now worth over $4Bn). On that day, I decided I was fed up of being so replaceable and vowed to learn to code. My journey lead me to join an online coding bootcamp (Bloc.io), then Codecademy.com, and then Coding Dojo. Along the way I learned what separates the good online courses from the great ones. And that’s why I started SkillUpgrade. 


A Cohort of Students Learning Together


Real Interaction with Instructors


Project Based Learning

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