Maven: Create Your Powerful Personal Brand

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Want to write a book, start a speaking career, have more sales success? Becoming known in your industry leads to a lifetime of benefits. Based on years of research, this experience has helped thousands of people reach new heights in their careers, businesses, and lives. This is a rare and unique opportunity for first-hand study with Mark Schaefer, the author of “KNOWN.”

Who is this course for?

Business professionals who want to stand out in their industry.
Content creators getting lost in a sea of noise.
Visionaries who are ready to change the world.

Course Syllabus

Class ONE: Personal brand strategy

The role of the personal brand in society today. Why is it important to become “known?” An introduction to the KNOWN process. Lecture on developing a “sustainable interest” and compelling class exercises from an exclusive workbook designed just for participants.

Class TWO: Individual focus

Discussion of class work on personal brand themes. What causes anxiety about developing the personal brand? What are obstacles to becoming known? How much time should be devoted to this and how do we balance the work? Case study discussions. 1:1 counseling with the instructor.

Class THREE: Finding your place

Once we have focus, we need a place to tell our story. How do we maneuver in an overcrowded world to become the signal instead of the noise? Case studies and class exercises on finding the right “space” to create your narrative.

Class FOUR: Content is the key

The role of content and the personal brand. Focusing on a specific and individualized content strategy. A simplified and actionable plan for content creation. Discussion of SEO versus authority. Content best practices and case studies.

Class FIVE: The actionable audience

Content plans, platforms, and priorities. How do we create insights instead of just information? How do we ignite content through an audience who will take action on our work? What about speaking or writing a book? Building an actionable audience versus a social media list.

Class SIX: The final plan

Review of personal plans and group discussions on obstacles and next steps. Developing an accountability plan. The science behind momentum. At the end of this class, Mark Schaefer provides an opportunity to schedule bonus 1:1 time with him to review personal plans.

Enrollment Inclusions

Active learning, not passive watching

This course focuses on live workshops and fun, hands-on assignments that lead to a comprehensive, individualized plan.

Learn with a cohort of peers

We'll be tapping into a class of your peers who are eager to grow and share.

A unique, intimate experience

TYou won't be lost in a big class. This course is limited to just TEN people, so the instruction will be personal and memorable.

Additional information

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Program Length

6 Live 90-minute class sessions


Mark Schaefer

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Program Format

Live Online Classes



3 reviews for Maven: Create Your Powerful Personal Brand

  1. Brad Tanenbaum

    Mark is a great guy, and extremely generous. He is an authentic marketing veteran and consultant, author, speaker, and can confidently say that he knows his stuff. I have been a huge supporter and follower of Mark for awhile now, and love his content. When it comes to marketing, this is the guy.

  2. Bea Pole-Bokor

    Mark had a tremendous impact on my personal & professional development and I couldn’t be more grateful to him. His human focused approach impacted me so much that I kept coming back.

  3. Pamela Erlichman

    I was looking for someone highly engaging, thought provoking, funny and a change agent in our industry. Mark hit the mark and more.

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