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Top Work-From-Home Jobs

Top Work-From-Home Jobs

As the world has evolved, the nature of work has evolved too. In the past few years, many people have become comfortable with the idea of work-from-home jobs, realizing that entire careers can be built without stepping foot in an office.

For anyone hoping to strike out and work from home, it is important to understand what jobs are out there, what skills they require, and how much they pay. There are opportunities out there for everyone, from people with no experience to highly-qualified professionals. Below, we’ve listed some of them.

The 10 Most In-Demand Work-From-Home Jobs

1. Web Developer

Salary range: $58,000 – 120,000 

Web developers essentially build and maintain websites for clients and companies. Not only is this one of the highest-paid work-from-home jobs out there, but the range in which remote web developers work is also pretty big, which suggests that there are many opportunities and opportunities for advancement out there. 

This is not an entry-level role, and requires either prior experience with web development or relevant training.  

2. Virtual Executive Assistant 

Salary range: $36,000 – 62,500 

Many companies around the world look for virtual assistants to manage meetings, organize calendars, arrange events, and do other secretarial work for their executives. The role mainly requires strong organizational skills, basic office skills, and a good work ethic to help executives keep track of their busy schedules. The job may also require interacting with top executives from different companies and countries, which could lead to further career progression. 

3. Community Manager  

Salary range: $64,000 – 94,000 

Community managers work remotely for different companies to develop video content, host Twitter spaces, create online podcasts, and engage with different people through social media. This is a specialized, manager-level opportunity that can be done by anyone with content creation skills and a knack for making and nurturing connections. While some of the opportunities in this field require prior experience, entry-level positions for people with a natural talent for this sort of work should be easily available.

4. Graphic Designer  

Salary range: $29,000 – 75,000  

Graphic designers create logos, pamphlets, social media posts, posters, teasers, and all kinds of other images that are used mostly in marketing. The job not only requires expertise in designing programs, but more importantly calls for creativity and an artistic vision. There are a lot of entry-level opportunities available for this role, and highly skilled designers can progress quite far in this field.

5. Social Media Management  

Salary range: $34,000 – 79,000

A lot of companies and businesses rely on social media not just for marketing but to also engage with people and stay relevant. This is where social media managers come in: They handle the online presence of a business or a company and try to increase engagement through interesting posts and different initiatives. This is an entry-level job that can be done by anyone with an understanding of how different social media platforms are operated, though senior positions should also be available.

If you’re planning to explore this career, your personal social media accounts should speak for themselves: Thousands of followers, an aesthetic feed, and viral content are all solid proof that you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this field.

6. Customer Service  

Salary range: $33,000 – 62,000

Many businesses, ranging from banks to fast food chains, require a robust customer service fleet that can guide their customers over phone calls and emails. Several customer service roles can be done remotely, and do not require any previous experience aside from basic office program knowledge. Beyond technical skills, customer service representatives need to be alert, pleasant, helpful, and most importantly, patient.

7. Content Writing 

Salary range: $32,000 – 78,000 

Content writers take on the job of producing written content for companies and websites. As an entry-level career, content writing has one of the lower starting salary ranges, but at the same time has ample opportunities and many possibilities for growth. They can go on to specialize as content managers and SEO specialists—jobs for which the pay scale quickly becomes significantly higher. 

8. Data Entry  

Salary range: $28,000 – 49,000 

Data entry involves manually entering text or numerical data into a company’s database quickly and accurately. it’s another entry-level job that does not require prior experience or any qualification other than being able to type. There are many opportunities available for this kind of work, and it’s the perfect opportunity for attentive, detail-oriented go-getters and for people with excellent time management skills. 

9. Data Analyst  

Salary range: $47,000 – 109,000

One of the highest-paid virtual careers available, data analysis involves collecting, mapping, organizing, and analyzing data with the intention of creating efficiency and providing solutions to companies based on hard data. Analysts may also have to design, configure, plan, detect, and maintain data sets.

The job demands technical knowledge and experience, but is one of the fastest-growing and most sought-after remote occupations.

10. Sales Agent 

Salary range: $45,000 – 128,000

The main responsibility of a sales agent is to reach out to potential customers and pitch them products and services. They are the principal point of contact between a business and its customers: This means that they do not just find new customers, but they also ensure that existing clients have everything they need. Sales roles are also usually commission-based, so agents need to be agile and charismatic, with excellent negotiation and storytelling skills.

Some sales rep jobs require previous experience or basic qualifications, but anyone with good people skills can land an entry-level sales job with good prospects of career progression. 

The Rise of Work-From-Home Jobs

As work shifts online more and more with every passing day, the opportunities available to work from home are also increasing, especially in marketing, management and technology. This means that the job landscape is also getting more and more competitive.

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