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The Top Tech Jobs With The Highest Salaries

The Top Tech Jobs With The Highest Salaries

As each year progresses, more and more technologies are being developed to cater to a wide variety of audiences. Each new service being made corresponds to a rise in tech jobs, as each platform requires an accompanying team of people who will conceptualize, develop, and tweak these technology-driven services. If these roles are not filled, our digital-centric lives would be disrupted, massive online downtimes will be more frequent, and entire services could be shut down.

According to data from tech-centric job portal site Dice, the average tech salary in 2021 was around US$104,566—a US$6,707 increase from the 2020 average. The report adds that during the transition period, there has been an evident increase in ‘hunger for talent’—true enough, despite the recent massive tech layoffs, experts note that the need for tech talent still floods the job market.

With the demand for these technological services at an all-time high, it is no wonder why tech jobs are also in demand within the job market as well. And with the tech industry blowing up more than ever, there are now numerous tech jobs that offer high pay and remote work opportunities.

That being said, here are the top five tech jobs with the highest-paying salaries as of today.

5 High-Paying Tech Jobs

Software Engineering Manager

Average salary: US$150,000

Software engineering managers supervise and direct work across other lower software engineers. Some of these tasks revolve around the design and development of software, programs, applications, and other online-centric software services.

CNBC notes that the average salary of a software engineering manager is around US$150,000—and it can easily get higher. For instance, an entry-level software engineering manager at Google can earn around US$189,000 in total compensation, which can be split into about US$124,000 in salary and US$43,000 in stock compensation.

Meanwhile, job portal Dice notes that software engineering managers at Microsoft and Oracle can earn way more in salary alone, with the tech giants paying around US$168,125 and US$162,286 respectively.

Blockchain Engineer

Average salary: US$150,000

Blockchain engineers work on a company’s computer networking, cryptography, data structures, algorithms, and blockchain systems. Most of the time, they are in demand among companies who want to develop and implement digital blockchain solutions across their technology services. Blockchain engineers work mostly on already-existing platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum, creating and deploying assets, accelerators, and infrastructure setup procedures. Other blockchain engineer-related tasks include searching for the quality material needed for certain blockchain projects, creating and creating software with blockchain technology, and assessing and diagnosing projects powered by blockchain.

Blockchain engineers are part of the new wave of tech jobs that have cropped up these past few years, and the starting salary for this role may surprise you. CNBC notes that a blockchain engineer can get a starting salary of around US$150,000 per year, which is sometimes much larger than entry-level software engineers. Some of the companies that are actively on the hunt for new blockchain engineers include Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.

Machine Learning Engineer

Average salary: US$140,000

Machine learning (ML) is one of the hottest fields in tech, and the AI algorithms that characterize machine learning and are capable of learning and producing predictions are designed and developed by machine learning engineers.

ML engineers are tasked to automate prediction models and design, develop, and construct artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Some of the projects machine learning engineers can do include creating an image recognition system that uses photographs to discriminate between various waste types, calculating future energy needs, forecasting product sales based on historical patterns, and predicting the development of an illness.

Forbes reports that a machine learning engineer’s average base salary is around US$146,085.

Mobile Application Developer

Average salary: US$120,000

The role itself is self-explanatory: A Mobile Application Developer will be tasked to create software solutions that can run on a mobile device–in other words, a mobile application. Their responsibilities include the creation of installable software bundles (code, binaries, assets, etc.) and the implementation of back-end services such as data access with an API.

In order to become a mobile application developer, you must have an understanding of the two main mobile operating systems: iOS and Android. The Infosec Institute notes that while the median salary at the moment is around US$120,000, there are instances where iOS app developers can earn more than Android app developers, as iOS requires a Mac computer to run iOS programs while Android apps can be coded on any operating system. Advanced knowledge of coding and UI/UX is also a must for an app developer.

Information System Manager

Average Salary: US$110,000

An information system manager is tasked with analyzing and coordinating security risks and protocols with the organization’s policies and objectives. This role entails directing and carrying out risk management tasks such as risk assessment, gap analysis, and business impact analysis to assist the company in achieving an acceptable level of risk.

An information system manager should also be able to ensure the prevention, detection, containment, and rectification of security breaches. Some responsibilities include employing and supervising ethical hackers and running drills in real-world scenarios. They are also the ones encouraging company employees to practice stringent cybersecurity measures such as creating stronger passwords, doing offline and cloud backups, and implementing complex authentication measures.

Infosec Institute reports that US$110,112 per year is the median salary for said role. 

The Continuous Rise of Tech Jobs

There’s no shortage of well-paying tech jobs available globally, including IoT solution architects, software architects, big data engineers, data scientists, product managers, among others. However, in order to stand out in the ever-growing sea of tech talent, one must possess not just the technical skills related to their job but also the ability to catch up with the trends of today. This includes being tech-driven, news observant, and able to look forward to the future of tech in their own space and profession.

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