Luca Dellanna: Antifragile Teams

Develop within your team the ability to spot and act on problems and opportunities, resulting in growth & adaptation. With a mix of teachings, discussions, exercises, and coaching, I will get you to take concrete action towards making your team more effective, flexible, and proactive.
The factors that cause antifragility
How to develop them in yourself, your team, and your organization
Metrics for growth
How to set them without getting gamed
Effective feedback channels
How to establish them, and ensure they result in action
Managing the survival-efficiency trade-off
How to solve upstream problems in the process
Green and red flags
How to spot these signs of antifragiltiy and where we find them in case study examples
Team interaction
How to develop skills, engagement and proactiveness with your team

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2-3 hours per week for 4 week.


Luca Dellanna

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