Li Jin: Building For The Creator Economy

Dissecting the underlying fundamentals of the Creator Economy so you can apply it as an investor, a founder or a builder. A 2-week-long intimate workshop-style course with the person who coined the term “Passion Economy”. This course will help you understand the underlying trends and creator psychology so you can seize the opportunity presented by it.
Thinking Like Creators
The hierarchy of needs that drives creators’ actions and priorities
What motivates Creators: balancing monetization, audience growth, and creation

How to Build a Creator-Economy Company
Outlining the major tactics that lead to creator adoption with company case studies
The metrics to measure for companies in the Creator Economy
How investors (should) evaluate creator-driven companies

Creator-Economy Frameworks
Creator-Market Fit and how it ties to Product-Market Fit
Understanding the shift from non-producers to producers

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3-6 hours per week for 2 week.


Li Jin

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