Jeroen Janssens: Embrace The Command Line

In this hands-on course you’ll learn to use the command line to automate tedious tasks, work with data quickly, and create your own toolbox. Invest in learning this time-tested technology and it will pay dividends for the rest of your career.
The Unix or Linux command line, sometimes referred to as the shell or the terminal, is as powerful as it is intimidating. By typing commands, you can rename thousands of files, process large amounts of data, and work on remote machines with ease. But make one mistake and everything will explode!
At least, that’s what many think when they first encounter this stark and unforgiving environment. I can’t blame them, the command line just doesn’t look very inviting. Still, the fact remains that the command line successfully enables thousands of developers and researchers to be more efficient and productive at work. All they had to do is embrace it.
In this three-week cohort based course, I’ll help you embrace the command line so you can also become more efficient and productive.

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4-6 hours per week for 3 week.


Jeroen Janssens

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