Arry Yu, Steve Cherewaty: Blockchain & Crypto Masterclass Workshop

A workshop taught by active professional entrepreneurs, educators, investors & operators sharing tips & tricks on how to ramp up quick. At the end of the workshop, you’ll know the rules of thumb to follow across all of the fundamentals of blockchain, crypto, and the tech behind it. You’ll be less likely to be fooled because you understand the history, the theory and the best practices to apply & stay safe.
Rules of Thumb
Know the fundamentals and theory behind the blockchain space holistically – blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrencies, Identity and IPFS. Having a solid foundational mental model will help you navigate all of the multidisciplinary parts of this space.
Don’t Get Fooled
There is so much misinformation and generalized info out there that takes important concepts out of context and can skew your perception. Knowing about the history of money, the history of crypto, policy and regulatory basics, important OpSec cyber security best practices…
Know Where To Go
Again, there is so much misinformation and influencers pushing out content out there that it’s really hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. You need to have your trustworthy set of influencers, people and resources that you can rely on for their opinions and perspectives.

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8 hours total in 1 day.


Arry Yu, Steve Cherewaty

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