Anthony Pompliano AKA “Pomp” Presents: Fundamentals of BitCoin and Crypto

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“I have a personal goal of helping 10,000 people find careers in Bitcoin and crypto. This academy not only educates but helps students make the transition into the industry easier.”

Today’s Financial Markets & The Rise of Bitcoin
What is money? Today’s financial markets. Early days of bitcoin.

Bitcoin Adoption & Technical Basics
Bitcoin adoption & uses cases. Common misconceptions. How to buy, sell & store your bitcoin. The Lightning Network.

The Decentralized World
Smart contracts. Decentralized finance. Regulations. Stable coins & CBDCs.

Crypto Experiments
Web3, DApps, DAOs, ICOs, NFTS and social tokens.

Broader Implications
Institutional involvement, privacy, civil liberties, and nation-state adoption.

Career Day
Top companies will present on their mission, company culture, open roles, and best practices for interviewing.

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3-10 hours per week for 3 week.


Anthony Pompliano, Kenny DeGiglio, Kody Low, Claire Jencks, Balazs Nagy, Morgan Clemens, Mac, Hector Alvero, Colton Sakamoto

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5 reviews for Anthony Pompliano AKA “Pomp” Presents: Fundamentals of BitCoin and Crypto

  1. Kyle

    Anthony Pompliano’s online course on crypto was an eye-opening experience for me. The course was packed with valuable information, presented in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. I now have a better understanding of the cryptocurrency world and feel confident in making informed investment decisions. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to learn more about crypto.

  2. Rajan

    As a complete beginner in the world of cryptocurrency, I was intimidated by all the technical terms and jargon. But after taking Anthony’s course, I can confidently say that I have a much better grasp on the subject. He breaks down complex concepts into simple terms and provides real-life examples to help drive the points home. I’m now a huge fan of crypto and excited to explore more opportunities in this exciting world.

  3. Tyler

    I’ve been following Anthony Pompliano for a while now and was thrilled to find out he had an online course on crypto. The course exceeded my expectations in every way. The content was well-researched and up-to-date, and the lessons were engaging and thought-provoking. I especially appreciated the way Anthony tied in his own personal experiences in the industry to help illustrate the concepts he was teaching. Overall, an excellent course that I highly recommend.

  4. Rich

    I’m an experienced investor but had very little knowledge of cryptocurrency before taking Anthony’s course. The course was a great introduction to the world of crypto and helped me understand the potential of this exciting new asset class. Anthony’s years of experience in the industry really shines through in his teachings, and I appreciated his candid and honest approach to the subject. I now feel much more confident in making informed decisions in the crypto space.

  5. Tadd

    I’ve taken a lot of online courses in the past, but Anthony Pompliano’s crypto course stands out as one of the best. The lessons were easy to follow, and I appreciated the way he weaved in real-life examples to help illustrate the concepts. I also appreciated the fact that Anthony wasn’t just trying to sell me on a particular cryptocurrency, but rather providing a comprehensive overview of the entire industry. I now have a much better understanding of crypto and feel confident in exploring investment opportunities in this exciting space.

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