CXL: Data Presentation And Visualization

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3h 45min


Tim Wilson

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1 Communication overview 2 Overview: The brain science of communication 3 Overview: The Cognitive Load of Pie Charts 4 Data Visualization: Maximizing the Data-Pixel Ratio 5 Data Visualization: Using Color Sparingly 6 Data Visualization: The Importance of the Axes 7 Data Visualization: Horizontal Bar Charts for Comparing Categories 8 Data Visualization: Line Charts for Visualizing Time-Series 9 Data Visualization: Sparklines and Small Multiples 10 Data Visualization: Text as a visualization 11 Data Visualization: Heatmaps 12 Data Visualization: Scatterplots 13 Data Visualization: Specialty Charts and Chart Elements 14 Data Visualization: Cautionary Charts and Bad Practices 15 Data Visualization: Dashboard Considerations 16 Data Visualization: Data Visualization Resources 17 Data Storytelling: The Power of Narrative 18 Data Storytelling: Know Your Audience, Know Your Goal. 19 Data Storytelling: Establishing a Narrative (and a Flow) 20 Data Storytelling: McKinsey Titles and Reinforcing Content 21 Data Storytelling: Data Visualization Tips Apply! 22 Data Storytelling: Kill the Bullets and Limit the Text 23 Data Storytelling: Presentations vs. Documents 24 Data Storytelling: Compelling Imagery 25 Data Storytelling: Editing and Rehearsal 26 Data Storytelling: Review and Resources for Learning More

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You are responsible for analyzing data and presenting the results to peers, executives, or other stakeholders who need to make decisions based on the information you present to them. You want your analyses to be regarded as some of the most valuable work conducted within the organization. You need the skills necessary to improve the actionability of the reports and analyses you develop, as well as the ability to teach others how to develop those same skills.


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