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The Day I Got Fired Is The Day I Started Upskilling To Be Irreplaceable

The Day I Got Fired Is The Day I Started Upskilling To Be Irreplaceable

I got fired from my job as Director of Marketing at SoFi (now worth over $4Bn). On that day, I decided I was fed up with being so replaceable and vowed to learn to code. My upskilling journey led me to join an online coding bootcamp (Bloc.io), then Codecademy.com, and then Coding Dojo. Along the way, I learned what separates the good online courses from the great ones.

And that’s why I started SkillUpgrade. 

We are overwhelmed by online courses. Hack Reactor’s bootcamp costs $19,000+, meanwhile, Udemy offers “bootcamps” for $19 ($9.50 if you catch a sale). How is this possible?

The problem is there is too much choice and not enough signal about quality.

After I got fired from SoFi, I started my upskilling journey by spending hours researching Udemy courses in Building websites with HTML. By the time I finished, I had created something depressingly ugly, and it wasn’t even online: it was only viewable on my local machine.

Next, I tried taking Codecademy, but by the end of 5 courses on Codecademy (HTML, CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, and jQuery) I was still mucking around inside a browser rather than using professional tools, and there was still no sign of how to get my work online where other humans might see it.

The problem is that we learners don’t know what we don’t know. I created this platform to help learners like me find the best courses that actually get results fast.

Courses That Get Results

Too many courses are impersonal “lean-back” and video-based. We find courses with real human interaction, which is proven to result in greater student outcomes.

Deep Industry Expertise

A lot of online resources for tech upskilling lump all courses together, whether they’re free videos like Udemy or intensive bootcamps like Hack Reactor. We have 15 years of experience in online education and can help you make sense of all your options.

Extensive Reviews

We don’t write about a course unless we’ve actually enrolled in it ourselves. Each one of our professional reviews is based on interviews with at least two students who went through the program.

Good luck on your journey and let us know how we can help.





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