Ramsri Goutham Golla: Practical Introduction To Natural Language Processing

Transform yourself from a Python Developer to a Junior NLP Data Scientist in 4 weeks with practical projects. You will become confident to take ownership of NLP projects at work and deliver them end-to-end with the unique product-based learning approach taught in the course.
NLP product for Movie Production House with Streamlit
The course starts with a problem statement of building an NLP product for a movie production house that includes features like finding similar movies, characters, etc.
We will introduce NLP techniques progressively and build features with Streamlit for frontend visualization.
Vectorizing documents with TF-IDF
Intuitively derive the logic of calculating the importance of a word which would later be called TF-IDF (Term Frequency & Inverse Document Frequency).
Applications using TF-IDF: Keyword extraction, summarization, and NLP recommendation systems.
Vectorizing documents with transformers
Convert words and sentences into vectors with cutting-edge algorithms like sentence transformers.
Applications using sentence transformers: Keyword extraction, Topic Modeling, and NLP recommendation systems.
See significant improvement when compared to TF-IDF.
GPT-3 and production deployment
We will look at how far NLP has progressed with language models like GPT-3 and explore various use-cases with it.
We will cover deployment by deploying a GPT-3 based application via an API that anybody can use in their projects.

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4 hours per week for 4 week.


Ramsri Goutham Golla

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