Dror Poleg: Hype-Free Web3

What does Web3 mean for your business and career? Get up to speed on emerging business models, consumer behaviors, and financing methods. A 3-week course to separate the signal from the noise and evaluate if, how, and when Web3 can benefit your industry and career. Master the Jargon & Terminology
From DAOs and NFTs to Airdrops and AMMs — all the social and technical terms you need to know.
Experiment with Tools & Strategies
Wallets, exchanges, virtual worlds — get hands-on experience with common apps and marketplaces.
Learn key Case Studies
The successful (and failed) applications of new building blocks to a variety of industries and situations.
Apply your Knowledge in Practice
Analyze the viability of new ideas, identify new opportunities, and continue to grow your knowledge.
Grasp the Broader Implications
The promises and threats for society, the economy, and the environment — and the opportunity to do better.
Expand your Network
Join a learning community of hundreds of participants and alumni, and access ongoing events with industry experts.

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4 hours per week for 3 week.


Dror Poleg

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