Arielle Jackson: Great Startups Deserve Great Brands

What every early stage company needs to know about purpose, position, and personality to build the foundation for a distinctive brand. Unlock your company’s next level of growth by gaining clarity on what you do and why you do it.
Choose the category in which to play
If you don’t define your category, someone else will do it for you — and not in a way you’ll necessarily like.
Narrow in on your target audience using the concentric circle model
You can’t be everything to everyone, so be something great for someone. Define who that someone is for the next 18 months.
Define your foil (what you’re up against) in your customers’ minds
Startups worry too much about other startups and not enough about the old way of doing things, which is often what loses when you win.
Craft your purpose and use it to make company decisions
Brand is a lens through which to make decisions and your company’s purpose is your north star. Articulate one that will make people want to root for you.

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Arielle Jackson

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