Andres Marquez-Lara: Facilitation Bootcamp: Lead Change Effortlessly In The Midst Of Chaos (Short Version)

In 2 weeks, grab the low hanging fruits of facilitation. Learn quick and easy facilitation techniques that can have impact right away. You answer to many people: Your boss, the board, your team, those you serve and many more. You feel the pressure, but you can’t stop. People depend on you. There is a way to easy the pressure, get the work done & have fun!
The key: Becoming a better facilitator of change.
Self-management & Mindset
Facilitating starts with you as the leader. We will you gain insights into your blindspots so that you can lead others more effectively.
We know that you and your team are tired and maybe even burned out. We will work on helping you identify ways to reduce the stress by having more fun, engaging, productive meetings.
Agenda setting & structure
We will go over an easy to use framework that you can use for 60 minute meetings, internal or external events, half-day retreats and more.
Presence & Improvising
A well designed agenda is very important AND you still need to practice how you deliver, show up, and most importantly improvise!
Power dynamics
The power dynamics “out in society” also play out in your teams. We will help you identify them and what you can do to use them to support your team’s work.
Making your meetings more engaging!
No one likes a boring meeting. We will teach you several easy to learn and use tips and tricks to engage your teams virtually and in person.

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3-5 hours per week for 2 week.


Andres Marquez-Lara

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