Anand Iyer, Kedric Van de Carr: Defi Masterclass

The traditional finance models are being challenged by primitives that are being built on the blockchain and cryptocurrency. A 4 week long DeFi Masterclass, a hands-on workshop to get you comfortable transitioning into the world of DeFi and learning how to make passive income, with Anand Iyer & Kedric Van de Carr, your DeFi sherpas.
Gain a breadth of knowledge about blockchains.
Dive into the world of DeFi.
Learn about the basics of Ethereum and its significance.
Trade, Stake, Yield Farm, Deposit, Borrow and Lend using DeFi assets.
Grow your understanding of decentralization.
Understand some of the dangers of DeFi.
Gain familiarity with other blockchains (such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana etc.).
Distill the ideas behind NFTs, API3 and the futures of Ethereum (like EIP 1559, Layer 2 Scaling etc.).

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3-4 hours per week for 3 week.


Anand Iyer, Kedric Van de Carr

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