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Discover how the world’s greatest learners get “good enough” at any skill in less than 30 days. Ramit Sethi’s Teach Yourself Anything will finally give you the precise, actionable system to explore and build any new skill into your everyday life — without adding commitments to your already busy life.

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Does this course teach me a specific skill?

Teach Yourself Anything will not specifically teach you how to code, speak Italian, or dance the tango. It will teach you a more universal skill — the skill of HOW to learn new skills fast. Teach Yourself Anything gives you a step-by-step system you can use to pick up any new skill that interests you. You’ll receive bite-sized pieces of this system over 30 days – making it easy for you to take action and master one framework at a time.

Course Syllabus

  • The Magic of Being Good at a Lot of Things
  • 30 Impressive Things You Can Learn Right Now
  • The 10,000 Hour Myth: Why You Can Pick Up Skills Much Faster Than You Think
  • The Effortless Expert: The Art of Learning Things In Your Spare Time
  • What’s Your Learning Personality?
  • One-Hour Learning: How to Pick Up New Skills Without Having to Go “All In”
  • How to Get Experts to Give You Advice — For Free
  • Designing for Laziness: How to Make Practice So Easy You Could Do It Every Day
  • How to Never Feel Embarrassed When Practicing in Front of People: The Secret 3-Word Phrase
  • Learning Teardown: Ramit Learns to Cook
  • The Exact Process I Used to Become World Class at Copywriting
  • Finding the Hidden Patterns: How to Compress 100s of Concepts into 5
  • The Overnight Makeover: The Art of Getting Brutally Honest Feedback
  • Learning “Sprints”: How to Get Better 3X Faster
  • The Drinking Game Technique: How to Make Practice Fun

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    6 reviews for Ramit Sethi: Teach Yourself Anything

    1. Ljay Jones

      So I just brought Ramits newest course Endless Audience. Now I believe Ramit is an honest guy and wants to help people but like the user “anonymous” on march 11, 2016 said when they purchased ZTL course, this info is not worth a $100 or $200 a pop subscription for a year (which makes it about a 2–3K course.) I can almost cut and paste what I learned in a course that is supposed to help me grow my business, with a course that is supposed to start a business anonymous’ post.

      Here his/her stuff:

      I can honestly say that it was a huge mistake and I regret it deeply. I paid $3,588 for information that can be found easily and is to an extent common knowledge:

      research your topic
      find out what your audience wants
      start a mailing list
      get published on well known sites
      create a course made up of 4 videos on wistia and sell this course for $47 a month
      write a sales page
      With the exception of research your topic its the EXACT same course. Now I haven’t seen Zero to Launch but the users on this course have and they are saying its nuffin new in this course. My biggest gripe is that Ramit constantly says things like get from 10K to 50K subs as quick as you can but NEVER once tell me how. There is an entire section about getting mainstream media and he says if you site isn’t big enough then this part isn’t for you. My question is WHAT part was for me. I brought this course because I thought to would HELP me grow. I did buy it because I was already established. But don’t feel bad for me, there is a money back guarantee and as soon as I finish this weeks lesson I want my money back because I am not satisfied with what I paid for. My last thing is this it feel like online we are looking for someone to lead us, however all of the people selling these products where they be books, courses or counseling is just selling us the same pig in a different dress.

      My advice to you is only read a little from ANYONE because eventually you will lose faith in them as well and no one has all the answers. Invest in specialized learning, website stuff, seo, marketing and selling (meaning car sales man style if you own a business you WILL have to pitch someone on something at sometime, you need to know how to ask a person for money). and watch a show like Shark tank for inspiration from people who are REALLY million and billionaires from NOT SELLING COURSES or EBOOKS. Its free and on every week.

      Good Luck entrepreneurs

    2. Will Chou

      “You could buy the whole program and have a completely different experience from me. There’s a definite sense of attitude of “I’m going to make this work” and seeing the value in this. I think someone can go into this and not see the value if they look at it from a shallow viewpoint and give it the same value perception as a library of free YouTube videos.

      But because I did put so much emphasis in making this work and trusting the process, I did get something out of it.”

    3. Michael

      “I ended up getting a refund from IWT. I showed his team that I did the hard work and I wasn’t getting positive results. I appreciate that his team honored their 60 day refund policy for the course and I didn’t have to fight with them to get my money back.

      I’m still a fan of him and his IWT book. He definitely helped me setup my personal finance system.”

    4. Sirina

      I was hesitant to invest in an online course at first, but Ramit Sethi’s course was definitely worth the money. The course material was top-notch and the personal coaching sessions with Ramit were incredibly valuable. I feel like I learned more in this course than I have in any other business training I’ve taken before. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their business skills and achieve success.

    5. Robert

      As a beginner in the business world, I was looking for a course that would provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. Ramit Sethi’s course exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only did I learn a ton of valuable information, but I also gained confidence in my abilities and developed a clear plan for moving forward with my business. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start or grow their business.

    6. Aisha

      I’ve been following Ramit Sethi’s work for a while and was excited to finally have the opportunity to take his online course. It did not disappoint! The course material was comprehensive and the videos were engaging and informative. I also really appreciated the support and accountability provided by the course community. After completing the course, I feel much more confident and prepared to grow my business and achieve my goals. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their business skills and achieve success.

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